Episode 155 | RVs for Full-Time Living, Dealing with Trash

On today’s episode, we explore some things to think about when choosing an RV to live in full-time, or even to camp for extended periods. We also tackle a listener question about the many and varied ways we deal with trash on the road. Including…freezing it?

Listen below:

Watch the full episode:

This week we talk about things to consider when checking out RVs for full-time living – lessons learned on our own jourey, and lessons we’ll take with us when it is time to shop for our new home on wheels.

Also, what do you do with all that trash, especially when boondocking? We talk the ins and outs of trash when it comes to living full-time on the road.

Plus, our new all-time favorite hike, our fresh tank/black tanks for the week, and a brand new brain teaser make up this week’s episode of the podcast.

We’ll see you next week! Keep wearing those masks and safely loggin’ those RV Miles.

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