12 Tips for Driving an RV Safely at Night

Driving any vehicle at night comes with some increased risks. The lack of color makes it more difficult to differentiate obstacles such as a curb or a pothole from the road. A reduction in your depth perception coupled with the short distance you can see ahead of you makes it even harder to avoid hazards. Some drivers, especially older ones, may have a reduced light sensitivity in their eyes.

Driving a big RV at night – especially on long-distance trips only increases those dangers. But night trips have their benefits, too. Fewer vehicles on the road make for less stressful driving and a quicker journey. Sometimes night-time driving just can’t be avoided. In this article, we’ll list some tips and tricks for arriving safely at your destination when driving at night.

Nighttime Driving Tips

Arriving at the campground at night

Pulling into a campground at night brings its own set of challenges. These tips will help you get into your space quickly in the dark without breaking anything.

Do you have a nighttime driving tip that we missed? Leave it in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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